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Remote Care Redefined

Our Remote
Care Ecosystem


Behavioral Health Integration (BHI)


Tools to identify patients with behavioral health needs and to facilitate to appropriate resource.


Clinical Health Coaching


Behavior changes specialists who partner w/patients to help improve self-Management of chronic conditions.


Chronic Care Management (CCM)


Coordinated care service for patients with at least two chronic conditions.


Chronic Care +


CCM w/a greater focus on value-based outcomes, primarily targeting larger hospital or ambulatory systems


Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)


Monitor health conditions use technology includes med adherence, procedure outcomes and PT compliance.


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)


Remote care monitoring of vital signs related to chronic conditions via electronic device readings


Transitional Care Management 


Remote care to ensure seamless transition of high-risk patients post dishcharge

Why Partner with Esrun?

No upfront cost or staffing requirements

Scalable, Turn-Key And Fully Managed

Established data integration with EHR and PM programs

Increase patient engagement, satisfaction, and retention

Improve patient outcomes and quality scores

New, recurring revenue streams

Long term stability as part of the Altera – Harris Healthcare family of companies

Reduce workload for practice staff